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Shelbie Dimond

Shelbie Dimond is a fine art photographer, print-maker, model & actress. Her work has been published & exhibited internationally. She is also an uninhibited and outspoken atheist apostate. She uses her platform to expose the Watchtower as a cult. Countless people exit the religion still believing that it is Gods one true organization. These individuals have fear and guilt placed on them which they end up packing away for years.

Shelbie was influential in my family's journey to awakening. My daughter came across her photography as a Witness and was intrigued by her work and vulnerability. She currently interlaces her photographic works with her activism and posted a chart comparing the tactics of Scientology to Jehovah's Witnesses. This was the first tangible visualization my daughter was able to see the organization she was raised in for what it is: a cult.

You may never know the butterfly effect your words and actions have. I'm delighted we were able to thank in person for her activism. I'm also incredibly humbled that she trusted us with her story. She shared her struggle with BPD which is exasperated by the most obvious Jehovah's Witness trigger, fear of abandonment. Her early work reflects some of those emotional struggles, and you can see the transition in her photographs over the years. Follow and support her work, links below.

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