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Holly @Potofclay

In May, Holly was featured in an article about hurricane Harvey, she lost everything in that flood but still stayed on track and graduated. Resilience is an understatement. For most, losing everything would be the ultimate obstacle, but Holly was also raised in a cult in which education is frowned upon. Jehovah’s Witnesses discourage higher education and view it as spiritually dangerous. Pew Research shows that only 9 percent of Witnesses get undergraduate degrees. Holly is also gay and realized this at a young age. Now she is in the phase of her life where authenticity and achieving her goals is paramount. We only have one life, and Holly is such an inspirational example of being true to yourself and having the strength and resilience to get what you want out of life no matter what obstacles present themselves. I'm excited to follow her journey. You can find her on twitter @potofclay, She has started her own podcast. She will be sharing her journey and tackle LGBTQ+ issues as she takes the journey herself.